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Ageing a fact of life?

The stresses and strains of modern life, smoking and environmental factors can take their toll on your skin leading to wrinkles and lines.

The natural ageing process is seen in many areas of your face, typically the first signs of ageing are seen around your eyes “crows feet” the forehead and the area around your nose, these wrinkles are referred to as “bunny lines.”

Other signs of ageing include pebbled chin, wrinkled neck and a downward smile. The loss of volume that typically affects lips, cheeks and the naso labial area of your face is caused by the natural slow down in the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

  If left unchecked these tell-tale signs of ageing will continue to become more profound.

Lines, wrinkles and the loss of volume can be effectively treated with either Botox or Dermal Fillers. Ageing is a fact of life that you need not accept

Both of the treatments provided by Elizabeth are virtually pain-free and relatively low risk when it comes to preserving your looks it is important to act as fast as possible in order to halt the signs of ageing in their tracks.

Elizabeth only uses high-quality products including; Botox®, teosyal®rha, and juvéderm®. She will Only administer treatments to her clients that serve to enhance their existing features, it is important to Elizabeth that each of her clients achieve a natural more youthful look.


Elizabeth is a registered general nurse with 16 year’s clinical experience, extensively trained by the renowned Harley Street clinic Derma Medical she can help you halt the signs of ageing. Many people consider facial aesthetics for a long time before finally taking action why wait? Contact Elizabeth today to arrange your consultation.

Struggling with the condition hyperhidrosis? “excessive sweating” Botox can also be used to manage this condition.