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Elizabeth is a practising fully Registered General Nurse with 16 years clinical experience, Elizabeth is fully certified to administer the Anti-Wrinkle treatment Botox® in Ashford Kent.

Before the anti-wrinkle injection itself an initial consultation will be required this is a duty of care and normal practice as people with certain medical conditions may not be suitable.

At the end of the consultation and providing, you are happy to proceed Elizabeth will administer your anti-wrinkle injection.

Treatments are carried out in Elizabeth’s home studio in Ashford Kent or her treatment rooms at the Sunkissed Beauty Salon in Kennington or Beyond Beauty in Ruckinge near Ashford Kent.
Who will benefit from Botox?

Botox in Ashford Kent will Benefit anyone who is worried about the appearance of wrinkles. Elizabeth treats a variety of people from all walks of life typically aged between 18 to 65.

Elizabeth is fully qualified and able to help you understand the numerous benefits and how anti-wrinkle injections may assist you as an individual.

What is it?

A protein found naturally in the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. Small doses are administered via minor injections in the area of frequently used muscles that over time cause lines and wrinkles.

Botox works by jamming the signal of nerve impulses to overactive muscles. The effects are completely localised meaning the protein only affects the injected area.


Elizabeth will use her aesthetic eye to understand exactly where to inject she will then administer some small injections which are completely painless; however, for extra comfort, Elizabeth can numb the area with an anaesthetic cream.

The anti-wrinkle treatment itself takes 10 minutes. In the following days, you will be able to exercise, eat conventional foods, and use makeup.

You will notice the effect within days and the appearance of lines will continue to improve for up to a week; the end results will typically last for up to 6 months.

Potential side effects

The treatment will relax overactive muscles that over time can cause lines and wrinkles. Contrary to popular belief you will still be able to frown and smile! Just without visible lines!! some people may experience; Nausea, Headaches, Eyelid Droop or infections.

Most clients experience little or no ill-effects some people may experience a little bruising at the point of injection this, however, is rare. Risks are determined by the area that is injected Elizabeth will run through any potential issues at your consultation.

What Botox is not.

Botox in Ashford Kent is a well used and highly effective treatment aimed at combating the signs of ageing. However, it will not change your general appearance nor make you look 15 years younger.

Botox is localised as such it will only change the look of the injected area, not the whole face. Unlike cosmetic surgery, Botox is non-intrusive, and its effects are temporary.

Botox does not give you the look of someone that has been “under the knife” instead it achieves an entirely natural look.

What else can be treated with Botox?

Elizabeth can help you to manage the condition Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating Botox can be used to suppress the nerve impulses in the glands that govern sweating.

Does Botox have long term effects?

The effects of the treatment are non-permanent and has no known long-term side effects it has been in use worldwide for well over a decade.

Considering Botox what are you waiting for?

At the first sign of lines or wrinkles feel free to get in touch the Botox Anti-Wrinkle injections administered by Elizabeth will smooth those lines and halt the signs of ageing.

Many people toy with the idea of Botox for many years, what are you waiting for act now! Botox is an entirely natural treatment that is sure to make you feel better about yourself.

After all, there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your youthful looks for as long as possible. Looking for botox in Ashford Kent contact Elizabeth Facial Aesthetics today.


Botox and Dermal Fillers Certificate


  • 1 AREA – £100
  • 2 AREAS – £150
  • 3 AREAS – £200

Additional Areas

  • PEBBLED CHIN – £100
  • NECK – £350
  • GUMMY SMILE – £100
  • WIDE SET JAW – £250
  • SMOKER LINES – £100
  • BUNNY LINES – £100




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